You felt the call. Now is the time to answer!

Hello my friend! The energy at Lotus House of Yoga this spring is amazing. As the planet tilts toward the sun, the green grass is growing and the days are getting longer. Your soul is also emerging into the light and doesn’t it feel amazing? This is the call of your heart. It is ready for growth, a fresh wave of energy, and the revelation of the authentic you. We need YOU to be YOU more now than ever before. What makes you unique is what makes you amazing.

We at Lotus are embarking on a year of incredible evolution. Evolution feels right because it is the truth of our nature. We provide Lotus House of Yoga Certification programs that will change your life and catapult you into the high vibrational life you know you were meant to lead. Yoga, Meditation, Children’s Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Warrior Wheels Cycle, Business Mindfulness, Barre, and Plant Based Power Nutrition, are some of the most exciting programs we lead! Check out the Omaha and Lincoln 2017 dates below!!!

Start before you are ready. Don’t put your life on hold waiting for “perfect timing”! You don’t need to teach after going through our training programs. Most students start because they desire the knowledge and deeper understanding of themselves and life!

I know you have felt the call, the spark in your heart, and tingle in your belly! The time is now. Align with love, joy, and wisdom, your life is vibing higher now!

Love, MC

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